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LIMITED TIME OFFER!​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Transform  your Car into a Luxury Looking Car a

Attract the eyes of everyone Using this Awesome  Fancy

Driving Light Enhancer.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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Do you like Classy and Unique looking car light Like this One above?


Do you know you can turn any car you own (even if its 2004 corolla) into a classy

and unique looking car using our Eye catching unique and hot sellin  Transformational Car lighting stripe ?


Do you want your car to Stand out from the multitude of lookalike on the road every day?


Will you like to turn the normal look of your corolla or camry or Honda or lexus or acura

or any car at all into a Classy, Unique and attention grabbing ride

that everybody turns to look at once you hit the road?


I believe your answer is Yes


That’s why am introducing to you


A completely innovative and Unique Car Headlight / driving Light stripe that can

make Your car no matter how old Look like a 2020 model

This Amazing Product:

* comes in 2pcs , 1 for right and Left Headlamp



Easy to Install: Its easy to fix , you can do it yourself using our Video guide or simply give

your car electrician to fix it for you


You do not need to loose anything in your car in order to fix the light because it uses an adhesive

                  Automatic Control: This Light has 7 colors that changes automatically

This Awesome Light is extremly Attractive and Customizable according to your car type

How Much Does this Awesome “Car Headlamp/DRL  Stripe”



Normally, the price for the is $74 ( 45,000 naira) 


But for Today Only, we will be giving a Massive 40%

Discount to the First 12

person to order (Only the First 12 persons) 


So if you Order right Now, You Only Pay 25,000naira  (Best

deal for this quality of “The Awesome Car Headlamp/DRL

Stripe” anywhere in Nigeria) and the Best news is that

you pay on Delivery


Awesome right ?




But Wait there’s more (and you can’t get this offer anywhere else in the world) 


When you Place an Order right Now, you get


1) 40% Discount on the Awesome Car Headlamp/DRL Stripe (worth



You also get


2) The “Ultimate Car Sunshade Interior Protector”  which protects your car

interiors from the damages caused by the sun and saves you money.


 The market Price for this Product is 20,000naira But you

get it for FREE once you order Now (Worth N20,000)


 Thats Not all, You still Get


3) Free Delivery to your Location    (Worth N2000-N5000)

Its not finished yet, you also get


6) Payment on Delivery


7)You still Get A Quality Assurance Guarantee

This Offer is Exclusive to You Our customers only & This is the only place you can

get it in Nigeria.


How cool is that?


So what are you waiting for?  Hurry Now and Place your

Order to Secure Your Amazing Car Headlamp/DRL Stripe & these awesome Bonuses

Right Now.


For More Information & Enquiry , Call/Whatsapp 08171661595

This is what you get when you Place an Order for 1 set of the Car Transformation



2 in 1 Headlamp/Drl Stripe                                                                                                       And                                                            Ultimate Car Sunshade Interior Protector.

               40% DISCOUNT OFFER + FREE GIFTS EXPIRES IN     









NOTE: All Orders Comes With Free

Delivery To Any Part Of NIgeria  And You


Will Pay On Delivery


Select how many sets you want.