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Quality Hand Manual Grinder. …..Discover easy way to grind & blend your wet and dry grains, nuts and vegetables …Egusi, Ogbono, pepper, tomato, beans, corn, wheat, Okro, crayfish etc. fast and quickly.

The manually operated High Grain Grinder is ideal for grinding corn, grains, rice, wheat, oats, barley, rye, peppercorns, spices, nuts and much more. Clamps to most tables and has a conventional screw for easy milling. From coarse to fine, this grinder is perfect for green, everyday use or emergencies.


  • Cast iron body
  • Professional self-sharpening stainless steel blade
  • Sanitary Tin double-coat, compliant with international regulations
  • Handmade in Colombia
  • Used for grains, coffee, cheese, vegetables, nuts, coconut, spices, cooked, meats, etc
  • Coarse to fine
  • Clamp grinder
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and durable
  • No electricity required